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Who We Are

What We Do:

Kinsman & Co. is a custom woodworking and steel fabrication business that builds and designs most anything from residential accents to commercial spaces. So whether it’s that reclaimed barn door your wife saw on HGTV or a major upgrade renovation in your business, we are glad to help! We are located in Hortonville, WI and eager to work with anyone in the Upper Midwest. 



Who We Are:

Kinsman & Co. is a brotherhood of craftsman lead by Nate Lenz who do what we love and love what we do! Formerly called Factotum USA, we were established in 2013. Work days are filled with camaraderie and sawdust. At Kinsman & Co. we not only value Hard and Honest work but also Creativity and Encouragement for our fellow mankind. The name Kinsman & Co. comes from an old Bible story about a man named Boaz, a fellow 'kinsman-redeemer", who helped two widows and restored beauty from ashes to their lives. Nate's deep faith and desire to see things that were once old and in rough shape made new have carried on into the work place. Kinsman & Co. craftsmen have an appreciation for working with pallets and reclaimed timber. The unmatched beauty that comes from each unique board leaves a dynamic touch on their work. We take pride in what we make and feel abundantly blessed to have jobs that put food on the table and give us a sense of accomplishment.


About Nate Lenz: 

Nate was born and raised in the quaint town of Little Chute, Wisconsin from a long line of hardworking men and women. He started learning woodworking as a teenager and has never stopped honing his craft since. He especially loves taking the worst of barns and condemned houses and transforming them into something beautiful. Living a life of honor and integrity are characteristics that he holds fast to.  Spending time with his wife puts the biggest smile on his face and you can normally find him hunting or fishing in his spare time. 

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